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Table of Jōyō Kanji and Their Character Codes

This page offers a CSV-formatted table of jōyō kanji (2,136 characters) revised in 2010 and their character codes defined in JIS X 0213 and Unicode.

The recorded character codes include the code point of JIS X 0213, 7-bit JIS code (invoked to GL region), EUC-JIS-2004 code (invoked to GR region), Shift_JIS-2004 code, and the code point of ISO/IEC 10646 UCS (same as Unicode).

Downloads: (Three files below are the same except for the file encoding.)

Note that this table contains JIS level 3 kanji. Therefore, you need to use the software supporting JIS level 3 (and 4) kanji set defined by JIS X 0213 to handle this table. Also, note that the table contains a kanji encoded in Plane 02 of Unicode. This means the support for 4-byte code is needed if you use UTF-8 and the support for surrogate pair is needed if you use UTF-16.

The level 3 kanji contained in the table above are 1-15-56 (塡), 1-15-94 (剝), 1-47-52 (𠮟), and 1-93-90 (頰) where the notation l-mm-nn represents JIS code point. Also, the kanji in the Plane 02 of Unicode is 1-47-52 (𠮟, U+20B9F).

If you find an error in this table, please contact the author via JIS X 0213 Mailing List or the 相談所 in JIS X 0213 Wiki.



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