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Project X0213

This is a web site for the users of JIS X 0213, the excellent character encoding standard for Japanese characters. This site is made by volunteers.


Use JIS X 0213 instead of JIS X 0208!

JIS X 0213 is the superset of the widely adopted Japanese coded character set standard JIS X 0208. This new standard includes thousands of additional kanji appeared in modern Japanese texts, katakana letters for Ainu language (a minority language of Japan), various symbols used in Japanese printings, Latin characters for Japanese romanization (rōmaji) officially adopted, and so on. These additional characters appear even in school textbooks.

The character repertoire of JIS X 0213 is carefully determined using philological method to cover the characters of modern Japanese exhaustively.

It is desirable that JIS X 0213 be used in the application of JIS X 0208. Also, when Unicode is used, Japanese-aware software should guarantee that all of JIS X 0213 characters can be handled. Unicode covers JIS X 0213 characters since version 3.2.

Character code tables of plane 1 and plane 2 of JIS X 0213 is available in the web site of IPSJ. Also, Unicode mapping tables are available in this site (see above).


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