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Table of Jinmeiyō Kanji and Their Character Codes

This page offers a CSV-formatted table of jinmeiyō kanji (kanji characters for use in personal names) revised in 2010 and their character codes defined in JIS X 0213 and Unicode. This table contains 861 kanji characters.

The recorded character codes include the code point of JIS X 0213, 7-bit JIS code (invoked to GL region), EUC-JIS-2004 code (invoked to GR region), Shift_JIS-2004 code, and the code point of ISO/IEC 10646 UCS (same as Unicode).

Downloads: (Three files below are the same except for the file encoding.)

Note that this table contains many JIS level 3 kanji. Therefore, you need to use the software supporting JIS level 3 (and 4) kanji set defined by JIS X 0213 to handle this table.

If you find an error in this table, please contact the author via JIS X 0213 Mailing List or the 相談所 in JIS X 0213 Wiki.

Note that the whole set of the kanji characters that can be used in personal names in Japan is the union of jōyō kanji set and jinemiyō kanji set. Please consult also the page "Table of Jōyō Kanji and Their Character Codes" in this site if you need a complete list of the kanji characters for use in personal names.



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